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Data Science Milan - Issue #28

In this edition we provide you with some resources to stay up to date with latest ML products and ML

Data Science Milan

July 20 · Issue #29 · View online
A digest of interesting news, events, activities, collaborations and talks from the Data Science Milan community.

In this edition we provide you with some resources to stay up to date with latest ML products and ML research. If you work as data scientist, we have some links to learn how to build explainable ML models and to know engineering practices for serverless architectures. We provide also a summary of two previous events about MLOps with Feature Store and Reinforcement Learning. Moreover, a couple of interesting technical links shared in our Slack community.
On the events side, tomorrow we host Behavioral Science for Data Scientists event and we propose you some online Milan events, an Italian AI&ML conference and link for upcoming 2020 Global Conferences.
Remember that you can explore our website and join our Slack group to be always updated not only about our activities and next events… but also to discuss about data science topics, exchange opinions, learning matters and much more!
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Data Science Milan events
Behavioral Science for Data Scientists | 21/07
Previous event: Reinforcement Learning Overview | July
Previous event: MLOps with a Feature Store: Filling the Gap in ML Infrastructure | June
External events not to be missed
Making robots learn to perform real-world tasks and Data Workspace | MLMilan 30/07
AI&ML Conference, La conferenza italiana su Intelligenza Artificiale e Machine Learning, 23/09
Full Stack Data School
Meetings International | Upcoming International Conferences | USA | Europe | Asia-Pacific | Middle East
Tutorials & interesting articles
We thought to inspire you with some news and references about NLP, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Graphs and ML/AI in general.
Made With ML
Papers With Code | The latest in machine learning
Huggingface New Release: tokenizer API, TensorFlow improvements, enhanced documentation & tutorials
Understand Models. Build Responsibly.
The engineering practices and serverless architectures every AI product team should know
Couple of interesting links shared in our Slack Channel
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Community pipeline, be involved for more!
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Please also contact us if you are interested in being a speaker or in sharing your expertise or experience with the Data Science Milan community!
List of our previous events
Data Science Milan – Medium
Past talks for Data Science Milan
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